Monday, November 15, 2010

Cowboy Zombie

This morning - in between the time I hit snooze and when my alarm went off again - I had a dream that I was singing this song. All I remembered was that it was called "Cowboy Zombie," so I wrote some lyrics for it today. It's a country song, of course.

Cowboy Zombie

Once there was this tough son of a bitch
Who ran afoul of a prairie witch
That witch lay a curse, this is what she said:
“Son you won’t rest even when yer dead”

Years went by ‘n that cowboy was fine
‘Til he beat the wrong guys fair ‘n square in a fight
They were bad dudes and they followed him home
They torched his truck and his dog named Bo

They shot his girl dead right in front of his eyes
Then they dug a grave and he was buried alive
Four weeks missing and he never was found
‘Til cowboy zombie clawed outta the ground

Cowboy zombie, please don’t eat my brain
I’m sorry for all the things I said
Cowboy zombie, don’t rip out my heart
You’re the reason I’m ascared of the dark

I hope you find what you’re lookin’ for
A banshee wife and a vampire horse
A skeleton herd that will rise from the grave
And werewolf rustlers you can chase

Cowboy zombie showed me how to live
Never forget and never forgive
He hunted them down with no regrets
Dyin’s no reason not to square your debts

Fell upon each of ‘em in the dead of the night
They screamed for mercy as he ate ‘em alive
Live and let live, ain’t that what they say?
But an eye for an eye is the cowboy way

Cowboy zombie, you’re quick and you’re dead
Unless someone shoots you right square in the head
I hope one day you find the peace of the grave
Or at least the Peacemaker what they stole from your safe

guitar solo, then:

Cowboy zombie, they’re hunting you
They got a priest and a posse too
Cowboy zombie, you’re a bad ass dude
With your Stetson-wearing, shit-kickin’ attitude

I hope you find what you’re lookin’ for
A banshee wife and a vampire horse
A herd of ghost cattle who roam the night
And werewolf rustlers you can fight

Cowboy zombie, I can’t wake up
The voices in my head just won’t shut up
I seen things I can’t understand
And don’t remember bein’ in a country band

Cowboy zombie, I’m sorry you’re dead
Or walking- or un- or whatever you is
Cowboy zombie, this dream won’t end
Cowboy zombie, you were my best friend


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