Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Moon Hoax

Jason does not believe in the moon landing. I have to be honest; this seemed a little shocking to me at first. People who claim we have never been to the moon have always seemed - to me, at least - one short, delusional step away from people who think that the Earth is flat and that Nixon was framed.

However, Jason claims to have seen a documentary on Fox that persuaded him that the whole thing was a hoax. As strange as this standpoint may seem to some people, I for one can appreciate it. I personally disbelieve everything I see on Fox, so it's not too far of a stretch for me to imagine that there are people out there who conversely believe everything they see on Fox.

And, I have to admit, after doing some research on the Web I have turned up some thought-provoking photos that have brought me to doubt the government's claim that Man has traveled to the Moon.

Consider the following pieces of official NASA photography and the suspicious features that can be found therein:

Subject #1: Evidence of Life

On the supposedly lifeless surface of the moon, signs of life can be found if you look hard enough.


Subject #2: Non-NASA Personnel

On a voyage that was purportedly only made by three highly-trained NASA astronauts, brief glimpses of other individuals can be seen. This supports theories that the whole thing was staged on a Hollywood sound stage.


Subject #3: Non-NASA Equipment

On an intra-orbital mission where all the equipment had to be flown millions of miles, there is evidence of certain pieces of equipment that could not possibly have been transported aboard the Apollo spacecraft.


Subject #4: Physically Impossible Perspective

Scenes of the moon landing are some of the most closely scrutinized pieces of photography in the history of mankind. Experts in the field have found inconsistencies in some of the shots released by NASA. In the following frame, a keen observer can calculate that the size of the Earth is incongruous with what it actually would be from a vantage point on the moon.


I hope these photos have opened your eyes just a little, as they have mine, and taught you to more closely examine claims that the establishment expects you to accept as fact.