Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Signs Your Film Remake May be in Trouble

Remakes of old films and television shows are more popular than ever - at least with the studios churning them out. With moviegoers watching every dollar these days, here are a few danger signs filmmakers should be on the lookout for.
  • Your remake is based on the original film, despite the fact that the original film was based on a book
  • You use the word "reboot" to describe your remake, but film critics and the media do not
  • You settled on this particular project because it was the only franchise you could afford to buy the rights to
  • The original stars are very interested in helping you work on the remake project because "I really need the money"
  • The fan base for the original is mostly old and/or dead people
  • Your remake is billed as a comedy, while the original was not
  • The original was a cartoon and its old-school animation effects still look cooler than your modern live-action special effects
  • The original was a video game and ... actually, no "and" is even necessary here
  • The original made some sort of social commentary, but you're not really clear exactly what it was
  • The original stars make a cameo in the remake and the test audiences have no idea who they are
  • You fell in love with the original around the same time you still loved mud, eating paste, and catching bugs
  • Most fans of the original lost interest in it after they lost their virginity